Our Philosophy

At Foundations Academy, we believe the preschool years are the most impressionable and criticalpreschool years are the most impressionable and critical season of a child’s life. Therefore, it is our goal at the Academy to provide a solid foundation for each child’s well-being and education to build upon as they grow older. With this basic foundation of strong self-awareness and academic concepts, children will be more equipped to excel as they enter the school age years.

Here at the Academy, we strive to teach the whole child using a well-rounded and balanced curriculum that not only focuses on academics but also fosters each student’s emotional and social well-being, character attributes, physical and health awareness, critical thinking, problem solving, and fundamental life skillsteach the whole child... fundamental life skills. We believe that many of our children today are lacking in these areas of foundational skills and make it our goal to incorporate and reinforce these in our school. We realize that first and foremost, our students’ basic needs must be met before they can focus on academics. To accomplish this, we present a safe and inviting atmosphere, provide breakfast and a hot lunch each day along with healthy snacks, and treat each child with love and respect by getting to know them on a personal level.

Throughout the day, our students are taught necessary life skills such as home life, financial, and technology skills which will benefit them throughout childhood and into adulthood. Our teachers incorporate fundamental academic lessons into everyday experiences while encouraging independence, problem solving, and critical thinkingindependence, problem solving, and critical thinking. Students are also guided to learn about their emotions and how to effectively respond to and deal with them. They learn social skills and cooperation through teamwork using a project oriented curriculum and a family style classroom atmosphere. Self motivation and self-control are taught naturally through the implementation of logical consequences. In addition, our students are exposed to a variety of arts, languages, and cultures from around the world.

Our students maximize their learning potential and retention through hands-on, real life experienceshands-on, real life experiences. We utilize a multitude of teaching methods in order to accommodate each learning style. We value the process of learning as significantly as the product. Students should understand the concepts behind the solution rather than just the solution itself. To challenge each student at their own level, our teachers instruct using small group settings and individually assess each student in order to personalize their learning plan.

We believe that the family is the most important aspect and influence in a child’s learningfamily is the most important ... influence in a child’s learning experience. Therefore, we believe in a cooperative and effective working partnership with our families that reinforces the student’s learning both at home and at school. We openly communicate and work with our families concerning each student’s needs in education and provide resources that benefit the family as a whole.